Last day of january

The last two days it was raining a lot and last night we had a proper storm. So all of my clothes were still wet, when I woke up this morning.

Submission wrestling is really nice. It was the first time since I’ve arrived, that my weight is not a disadvantage. I won or didn’t loose against all the lighter fighters during sparring. And I just tried two different leg-locks before. So even these two I cannot do properly. But who cares, if you are stronger then your opponent 😉 And at least it was the first test of my Shockdoctor groin protector: Comfortable and good protection.

So next week I will continue joning the grappling class two or three times per week. Phil from London and Mathias from Stockholm will join me.

Actual plans for the next months:

until march: San Kamphaeng : Thaiboxing and Submission wrestling. I will try to loose 6 kg more in the next 6 weeks.

March: Malaysia :  Will contact a MMA-gym later this day. Weightlifting, Grappling and Muay Thai

April – June: Koh Tao : Diving a lot, Muay Thai and weight lifting. Phil will join me in middle of April. And Thomas will come in june. Will be fun.

End of June – middle of July: Bali!!!! Try surfing again. This time longboard only. It is so good, that I don’t have to pay for Bali.

Middle of July – August: Back home Berlin and back home Costa rei.

September: Maybe working on a hemp-farm in Northern California (working on it) or maybe Turks & Caicos (also working on it)



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