Good morning

Today is the second part of my no to low carb diet. This means basically that I will eat nothing else then eggs, meat and maybe some vegetables in the next 23 days. At least I’ll try it. As a little support Mathias gave me yesterday around 1kg of strawberry-taste whey protein powder. It tastes really delicious and will help me not to cheat. Very sweet and tasty.

I am still try to catch up some sleep. On saturday we entered Chiang Mais nightlife and I ended up with no sleep at all. Sunday we went to a local festival, where two of our kids where fighting. Ye, the 14-year old knee and elbow throwing machine won his fight after 5 rounds by decision. And Crazykid from a hill tribe in the north of Thailand lost his first fight trying to escape the kicks.
Yesterday was Mathias last night, so we went to Chiang Mai to the night bazar to by some stuff and having wonderful dinner at Duke’s. One of the most expensive restaurants in Chiang Mai. My first piece of grilled salmon after months. It was really tasty and perfectly done. Maybe I will go next time for 1000 Baht 600gramm steak.
One dish 1000 Baht. My monthly rent is 3500…
In 15 minutes my protein shaw should be digested. Then it is time for green tea extract, multi-vitamins and additional magnesium. One hour later breakfast. 4 fried eggs with chicken.


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