Nachdem ich die letzten 6einhalb Wochen ohne bedeutende Blasen auf der Fußsohle überlebt habe, ist mir heute beim Treten doch glatt am großen Zeh die Haut bis fast aufs Blut eingerissen. Nichts, was ein wenig schwedisches Tape aus der Tasche von Matthias nicht beheben könnte. Um unser aktuelles Motivationsloch zu bekämpfen, haben wir beschlossen morgen […]

Phill presenting boiled eggs in front of the hot spring. In the background you can see the “pool” for the eggs.

Dieting is horrible. But important. In the first few weeks I ate only Thaifood. Which means rice and vegetables and some meat. There are so many fibers that at one point you can’t take it anymore. There is a big amount of stuff you can’t digest. And it has a lack of protein. Now I […]

Another first-timer but a succesfull one.

I always forget the camera. Screw me. This time it would be really worth. Just imagine every cliché of adult entertainment and here it comes. – Thaiboxing – check – Bearbars with Bargirl – check – Ladyboybar – check – drunken falang looking for trouble – check – drunken falang looking for trouble and stopped […]

The reason for not having the feet in the water is wet and around 55°C

Today we’ve visited the Sankampaeng Hot Springs. The water comes out with around 105°C. So it is really hot. Actually you can boil eggs in it. 3 eggs for 25 Baht. It was a really nice experience. They also had a mineral bath- swimming pool. In the end I was so tired, I just skipped […]